Carnaval de Quebéc

Carnaval de Quebèc


Winter, warmth & magic -


These three words embody the feelings given to the visitors of the Winter Carnival of Quebec; a 17-day festival in Quebec City that celebrates the winter weather and heritage of Quebec City. This festival is a very family-oriented event known for it's uniquely Canadian activities and sporting events. New branding for the festival needs to represent the traditions of Quebec City and it's winter season, the feeling of warmth that the carnival brings to its visitors' hearts and the magic that the carnival brings to downtown Quebec. I wanted a design that would keep the interest of the festival's yearly visitors while also captivating the attention of new visitors or tourists.  The illustrative style shows people and families partaking in winter activities often enjoyed at the festival. This new branding is family friendly, playful and exciting; embodying the atmosphere of the carnival itself.


Keeping it family friendly -

The promotional booklet and site maps mimic the original poster style, zeroing in on the specifics of the festival. Season appropriate merchandise is designed using similar design elements and will add to any festival-goers’ experience.